How to Teach Narrative Writing to Kids

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Teaching narrative writing to kids is a great way to develop their storytelling and writing skills. This blog post outlines the 5 steps to make this process easy to teach and easy for your students to be successful.

🐝 What is narrative writing?

Narrative writing is a type of writing that tells a real or made-up story and has a beginning, middle, and end. Fictional narrative writing is a story that is made up and uses your imagination. Personal narrative writing is writing retelling a series of events that is real. You can use the same process or both types of narrative writing.

🐝 Materials For This Blogpost

For this blogpost you need:

Differentiated Writing Templates
Differentiated Editing Checklists
Assessments & Rubrics
Teacher Materials

🐝 How do I teach narrative writing to my kids?

There are five main steps to teaching narrative writing to kids. Each step creates an opportunity for your students to learn about narrative writing and helps them to be successful with their writing. You can download a black and white copy of the chart HERE

🐝 What are the 5 steps of teaching narrative writing to kids?

✅ Step 1: Demonstrate Narrative Writing Process to Kids

The first step in teaching narrative writing to kids is to demonstrate the narrative writing process to your kids. Take the time to walk your students through a narrative writing activity. Demonstrate what the process looks like and talk through your thinking process as you are completing each part of the activity from making jot notes to drafting your story to assessing writing.

There are 6 steps to the narrative writing process.

  1. Choose Your Idea
  2. Plan Your Story
  3. Write a draft.
  4. Edit and revise story.
  5. Write a final copy.
  6. Illustrate story.

✅ Step 2: Have Students Collaborate on a Narrative Piece of Writing

Once you have demonstrated the narrative writing process to your kids, pair up your students and have them work together on a piece of writing. Have students work through each stage of the writing process from coming up with their idea to illustrating their story.

Working together provides students with the opportunity to share their ideas, give and receive feedback, and improve their writing skills.

✅ Step 3: Independent Writing Practice

The next step is to let your students practice writing a narrative story on their own. As students write, circulate throughout the room and provide any support that is needed.

✅ Step 4: Assess Student Writing

There are different ways of assessing student writing. Begin with teacher assessments or rubrics. When kids are ready, introduce them to self-assessments and then to peer assessments.

✅ Step 5: Set Goals For Next Writing Project

Students can use the assessments to set goals for their next narrative writing project. Goals could be anything from coming up with a creative title, adding details to their writing, or writing an exciting opening sentence that encourages readers to read the entire story.

🐝 The Practice – Assess –  Goal Setting Cycle

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 as needed You’ll notice in the chart that steps 3, 4 and 5 loop around. You need to provide students with many opportunities to:

  • practice their narrative writing,
  • assess what they did well,
  • identify what they need to work on, and
  • set goals for their next writing project.

The more opportunities kids have to write AND to be successful, the more confidence they’ll gain in themselves as writers. Learning to write is not a one-and-done activity. Show students how to write a narrative writing story and then provide multiple opportunities for students to practice narrative writing throughout the year. The Teaching With A Touch Of Honey Club contains all the materials you need to create many opportunities for your students to develop their narrative writing skills.

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picture of a group of kids writing stories for a blogpost on how to teach narrative writing to kids

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