Animal Vocabulary Activities

Here are your FREE animal vocabulary activities!

Below you’ll find these vocabulary resources:

  • 5 differentiated vocabulary booklets with color and black/white cover options
  • vocabulary hands-on activity – match cards with color and black/white options
  • 8 worksheets (3 cut-and paste, 3 five word fill-in-the-blank, 2 ten word fill in the blank) – with answer keys
  • 12 animal vocabulary assessments (5 cut-and-paste, 5 choose the word, and 3 print the word) – with answer keys


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Hands-On Activity



Want access to 1,000’s of grammar, phonics, vocabulary and writing lessons and materials?

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Inside the Writing Club you’ll find:


Formative assessment activities as well as self, peer, and teacher assessments and rubrics encourage students to set goals in their writing.

Goal setting and assessment materials are provided for opinion writing, narrative writing, report writing, inquiry projects, poetry, and MORE!


With over 200 digital and printable grammar activities to choose from, you’re sure to find the one you need. Great for practicing grammar skills. 

Share a digital activity with your students, give an assessment, provide task cards, or add a hands-on activity to your learning center.


Inquiry is asking questions and discovering the answers. Use in your language arts classes or integrate inquiry into the content areas – Science, Social, and Health.

With a variety of topics to choose from, you’re sure to find inquiry projects that your students will enjoy researching.


Use the question of the day as bell work, for early finishers, in your literacy centers, or as part of your regular language arts program.

Provide students with the same question … or let them choose the question they want to research. Questions are provided for every day of the year.


Choose from hundreds of different writing prompts to get your students writing on a daily basis. Give students a choice or provide the same prompt to all the students.

Use journals to begin your language arts classes, as a bell ringer activity, or have students complete whenever they have spare time.


With over 200 digital and printable phonics activities to choose from, you’re sure to find the one you need. Great for practicing phonics skills. 

Share a digital activity with your students, give an assessment, provide task cards, or add a hands-on activity to your learning center.


Get your kids writing with printable poetry writing templates. Poetry is a fun way to get kids writing. They’ll want to show off their final products.

Poetry templates are provided for acrostics, rhyming couplets, my senses, cinquains, color poems, limericks, diamantes, quatrains, and haiku poems. 


There are over 20 different sets of differentiated report writing templates … including my best-selling Animal Report.

Templates are included for jot notes, drafts, and final copies. Topics include animals, habitats, weather storms, illnesses, ocean animals, insects, and MORE!


Differentiated vocabulary booklets, worksheets, and match activities help your students develop their vocabulary.

Use the vocabulary activities in your language arts classes or add them to the content areas. Health, Science, and Social Studies vocabulary activities included.


Get your students writing with the digital and printable writing activity resources. With over 50 topics to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Packages include opinion, narrative, and informative writing projects. Editing bookmarks, assessments, and rubrics round out the packages.


Writing centers are perfect for early finishers, as bell work, for homework, and as part of your regular language arts program.

Writing activities include making books, cards, diaries, fact books, journals, letters, lists, poems, posters, recipes, and stories. Give students a choice in the writing projects they complete.


Writing choice boards are a great addition to your classroom. Students choose the activities they want to complete from the choice board.

Writing choice boards are provided for each of the different seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winter) so you can use choice boards with your students all year round.


Writing fluency is the ability of students to write sentences that are easy to read and understand. Fluent writers are able to write a number of sentences on a given topic.

The monthly writing fluency packages contain writing templates for each day of the year.

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