December desk calendar with the days of the week abbreviated for a blogpost on Abbreviations Grammar Activities for Grade 1 to 3 students.

Abbreviation Activities For The Primary Classroom

Teaching kids in grades 1 to 3 about abbreviations is important to help them with basic grammar. Abbreviations are short versions of words. Learning about abbreviations makes reading and writing easier. If you’re looking for digital abbreviation activities to use with your students, scroll down.  Grammar Teaching Objectives In the abbreviation activities, students will: be

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Thanksgiving Vocabulary Activities

Thanksgiving is a great time to engage kids in vocabulary-building activities. This blog post features numerous resources designed to help students practice identifying the definitions of Thanksgiving words. You’ll discover differentiated assessments, vocabulary booklets and worksheets, along with a matching game. Want digital options? Keep scrolling for free digital activities! Vocabulary Teaching Objectives In the

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Dinosaur Narrative Writing Activities

Kids love writing about dinosaurs! In this blogpost, you’ll find a narrative writing activity called “Dinosaur Adventure. There are 3 differentiated draft template options and two final copy options – one with primary lines and one with regular lines. Narrative Writing Activity Objectives In this writing activity students will: practice their narrative writing skills by

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